10:Aligning Your Energy with Your Business For Remarkable Outcomes with Melissa Zoske





Which would you choose: Inner peace or more money? Why not both! 

Finding balance in your business and in your life is the greatest version of success. Your business isn’t all about money, but also about your inner beliefs. Have you ever felt truly connected and aligned with your business and not just the wealth? 

Energy Alignment Business Mentor, Melissa Zoske, clears subconscious blocks in people allowing them to align and shine! She believes that you have the power to shift into your greatness and create the life and business of your dreams. She helps coaches align to their natural, abundant state, using her signature form of energy tools and guided intuition.  

In this episode, Melissa shares the beautiful power of aligning your intuition with your business. She talks about how to find balance and joy in your business while making the most profit out of it. Intuition is power because you are able to get the most out of your life and business, plus you get to live in abundance! 

Listen and be their guest towards the wonderful world of alignment, wealth, and intuition! 


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Discover the importance of aligning your intuition with your business 
  • Increase your energy levels and overcome your limiting beliefs 
  • Find out why money is neutral and unlimited 


Abundance is always here for us, no matter how we want to look at it. It’s always there. It’s whether we decide to take it, let it, and receive.” 

Melissa Zoske


Valuable Free Resource: 

  • Check Out Melissa’s Promising Success Ritual — a powerful daily ritual to take your intuition to a whole new energetic level. Grab a copy now and don’t miss out by visiting this link: melissazoske.com/successritual 


Topics Covered: 

0:46 – Disconnection from our creation: Why business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches should tap into their intuition and connect with their business 

02:43 – Feeling the balance and joy of it: What does alignment mean to Melissa 

04:04 – Bringing back your attention to self: Melissa shares her tips and experience on how to get back to your inner being and self 

07:02 – In Business context: Where does alignment happen in business and why is it important 

08:11 – Focus and Bring it in!: Melissa shares her experiences on handling distraction in the pursuit of alignment in your business 

9:59 – The mindset game: Common Fears When Blocked around money : 

13:32 – Backstory of Melissa before she became an energy alignment business mentor 

18:44- Ancestral imprinting: Melissa explains how we inherit more than the physical aspects from our ancestors 

24:03 – Claim your worth!: What brings the most joy and love to Melissa in her work 

25:59 – The Hidden Wonders of Shifting Limiting Beliefs: How does our energy works when we go over our limiting beliefs? 

31:26 – Money IS Neutral: Melissa shares valuable truth about money that everybody needs to know 

34:34 – The Guaranteed Success Ritual: Melissa explains her promising success ritual that can help shift your energy and intuition. Access it through melissazoske.com/successritual 


Key Takeaways: 

“So if you’re looking for happiness, or joy, or any of those things that you’re looking for externally, it’s not going to happen because you’re always going to be triggered. There’s always going to be something that brings you down. So finding that like, I will call it alignment again, finding that place inside of your soul, inside of your heart that is always within. So I’m always going inside. Why am I feeling the way I feel?” — Melissa Zoske 


“If I’m being triggered from something else, I need to work on me. It’s not about them. It’s about me. So I always go within work. I always look into emotion.” — Melissa Zoske 


“It’s just always going inside, going inward. And that’s how I work on it and never blaming other people.” — Melissa Zoske 


“If you’re trying to build a business, you want to do it in that state of alignment, ease, and flow, which means clearing out all that garbage that’s underneath the surface, and then lift it up, and you have this huge amount of, “Hey. Open for business!”, you know, it’s fun.”  

— Melissa Zoske 


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Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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