07: Becoming Financially Free Forever with Chic Money Mentor Jessica Giles




Which would you choose if you had money as your best friend or your worst enemy? 


Money reflects everything that’s happening to you. You are meant for everything you desire. The first step is to act, but what would your first move be, given the things that hold you back? 


Money mindset mentor Jessica Giles is all about women and wealth creation. She is a Qualified Accountant who has been helping women have a unique vision of what financial freedom really is for them. Jessica guides people into breaking destructive cycles they have about money, and into aligning into that feminine way of allowing things to be easy yet still impactful and joyful at the same time.  


In this episode, Jessica talks about the truth of money, manifestation, and abundance – three of which you deeply need to live a bountiful and blissful life. She shares stories – both personal and those from clients, as she and Rebecca dives into the world of women’s successful manifestation through a focused mindset.  


Listen and be their guest towards the wonderful world of money, life, and abundance.  

What you will learn from this episode: 

  •  Knowing how to view your own financial security in a clear sense could free you from falling for others’ concepts.

  • Determine what is stopping you from manifesting an abundance of money;

  • Find out how you can access the  riches you desire and deserve that are just waiting for you to rise up and claim them. 


Financially empowered women will save the world, beginning with their own.” 

– Jessica Giles


Valuable Free Resource: 

  • Check out Jessica’s “Financially Free Forever” book – a 100-day action guide on how you can be financially free forever. Grab yours now by visiting this link: https://www.chicmoney.com.au/sample  


Topics Covered: 

00:53 – Being in the feminine in terms of making, creating, and holding money: Women and their obstacles in creating money in a way that is unique to them 

07:12 – Driving with the handbrake on: The lack of belief and worthiness of creating and manifesting for yourself. 

12:12 – Jessica and her own money story: Seeing money with the energy of stress and pressure, being a high school dropout, and feeling the eagerness to make more impact. 

23:15 – Shifting from good to better: Stories of shifting into up-level experiences that people haven’t initially thought of as possible.  

29:15 – Easy-Peasy: It’s easier to manifest something if it’s important to you and it’s what you’re excited about.   

32:31 – The truth about money: Relationship with it is life-long.  

34:00 – Jessica shares a story about a client who was once in huge debt but was able to find her new identity throughout the process. 

37:45 – Financially Free Forever: Jessica talks about the book she has written – a 100-day action guide on how you can be financially free forever. Access it through https://www.chicmoney.com.au/sample  

45:16 – Jessica’s message for people who are taking action and are moving toward their financial freedom and success 



Key Takeaways: 

“Always have your unique vision of financial freedom, because otherwise, it would be so easy to get fooled into other peoples’ stories and agendas of what that needs to look like. If you can’t see it, you can’t create it.” – Jessica Giles 

“You take care of the inputs, and the outputs will take care of themselves – and that’s all what money is. Money is a mirror of the way that you see yourself in the world.” – Jessica Giles  

“You don’t always have to feel on top of the world to be able to manifest.” – Jessica Giles 

“What is more tragic than not getting what you want is getting what you want and not being able to hold onto it.” – Jessica Giles 


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