EP 46 There’s Nothing to EARN







Chasing after money and sacrificing yourself in the process is not the path to true abundance.  

Growing up we may have been exposed to the belief systems that money is hard, therefore we need to work as hard in order for us to earn it.  

“How do I shift it inside of myself so it’s easier to receive money, support, and/or resources rather than feeling like I need to earn it?”

Join me today as I share questions you can ask yourself to create your way towards a completely different and abundant reality. 

Rebecca Davison is a spiritual coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people step into spiritual leader so they can trust their guidance to support them in the creation of their desires. 

In this episode, Rebecca answers a question one of the ladies asked from her Facebook group, Elegant Wealth. She shares questions we can ask ourselves as we dive into the root of this belief that ‘money is hard’ and that we need to earn it, so we can be more open to receiving abundance.  


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • How your value proposition relates to how open you are in terms of receiving money without having to chase and/or sacrifice yourself for it; 
  • Why being open to receive is a big game-changer on your journey towards living the life you’ve always wanted to live; and 
  • Know what questions to ask yourself when you’re having that thought process that money is hard therefore you should work hard to make it 


Abundance comes in all shapes and forms, but to be given to at a really high level, that requires massive openness.” 

– Rebecca Davison 


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  1. If you think you need to work hard and sacrifice yourself in order to make money, take the time to reassess this. Ask yourself this question – where did this belief system come from?
  1. Don’t let shame and guilt consume you. Let these go.  
  1. Also, ask yourself – how do you feel about money? Play with the energy. Ask your higher self to show you what it’s like to live the reality of making money while you sleep.
  1. What is your value proposition? What do you think your time is worth? When you realize you are the one determining your value, you have control over that.
  1. Love yourself; do not let the ego win. Shift into more feminine energy. Masculine energy is more about giving, feminine is about receiving.  
  1. Allow the universe to support you. Be open to receive. And if you don’t feel safe, you won’t be open.
  1. Be aware of the things you can’t see inside of yourself. It’s harder see yourself, but it’s way more inspiring and fulfilling to do so.



Topics Covered: 


00:59 – The Culture of Sacrificing Oneself: Recognizing why we have the belief that we should work hard in order to earn; asking ourselves where it came from 


05:29 – Come Forward Now: What happens when we start looking at these belief systems? How do shame and guilt affect the way we think, and why should we let these go? 


07:30 – Let’s Play with the Energy: Asking our higher self to show us what it’s like to make money while we sleep, turning that into our reality 


09:26 – Magic Wand Material: “The better relationship you are having with yourself, the more you are valuing yourself. The more you value yourself, the more money responds to that.” 


13:24 – Shift from This to That: Leaning more into our feminine energy rather than the masculine side, not wanting to feel like we have to chase after money but to magnetize it instead 


17:17 – Let Life In: Why it’s life-changing that you allow the universe to support you, and why total accountability and ownership of your reality is important 


20:11 – Why Not: Wanting to do something we really love but our mind goes ‘You cannot make money from that’ 


22:42 – Show Me What It Is that I Can’t See: Why it’s powerful that we get awareness on all the things we can’t see inside of ourselves and keep our energy open 


Key Takeaways: 


“You have to remember, folks, that shame and guilt are the most contracted energies on the scale of consciousness. Literally speaking, shame and guilt are the bottom of the heap. So, if we’re feeling shame in relation to what we’re doing or feeling guilty in relation to what we’re choosing, it can be a very strong deterrent to money.” – Rebecca Davison 


“It can be complex, but when we start pulling the cord, it doesn’t need to be. We can just follow how we feel about it because our body is always going to show us that.” – Rebecca Davison 


“Your soul knows. Your soul doesn’t have any judgment on what you’re choosing, but it will be constantly bringing you information that is to your benefit.” – Rebecca Davison 


“Money is a value and time has a value, so how you spend your time is going to reflect what you value.” – Rebecca Davison 


“The better relationship you are having with yourself, the more you are valuing yourself. The more you value yourself, the more money responds to that.” – Rebecca Davison 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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