EP 44 Time Does Not Equal Money








What would it take for you to be the person who can create a reality where time does not dictate money? 


It’s been a while since I’ve done a podcast. I’ve been away travelling overseas, mostly on vacation, while still making money.  


I’ve noticed that some people think that it’s unusual to do that. They are doubting whether it’s really possible to create wealth without having to work the whole day long. Yes, it truly is.  I trust my ability to create what I want and receive from the Universe. You can create that trust too to experience what you desire as well.  


Join me today as we discuss why we don’t need to be in front of a desk or on a computer all day in order to make money. Tune in as we embrace our creator being, knowing that we can create wealth no matter where we are in the moment. 


Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people activate their intuition so that they can move beyond fear into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She is passionate about people learning how to listen to their inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love. 


In this episode, Rebecca help us understand why time does not equate to money as she discusses the importance of activating our inner creator being in order to create the wealth we desire. 


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Understand why we need to ask ourselves deeper questions about how we’re feeling about money; 
  • Realize that the universal law applies to everybody, and we all have a choice to choose how we want to live, especially where we spend time and money; and 
  • Find out why time and hard work don’t equate to money, especially wealth 


You have to see yourself as wealthy to allow yourself to start activating that and to have that energy flow and to have those circumstances where people move towards you and offer you money and gifts and opportunities and resources and cash. It all comes together when you are the one who is choosing to be the creator of your reality.” 

– Rebecca Davison 


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Release the belief that more time equals more money 


  • Check yourself and make sure you’re not outsourcing money to the future. 
  • Play not in the energy of doubt, scarcity, and fear. Be light and open to the opportunity, embracing additional money in a safe and legal way 
  • Don’t assign time to your money. Allow money to show up NOW. 
  • Notice what it felt like when out of the blue, something you really needed popped in for you. That’s the energy, frequency, and feeling that you want to continue to embody. 
  • Work with your mind. Be willing to rewrite the story. 
  • Ask yourself, are you comfortable with receiving a large amount of money right now? If not, clean up your energy around money. There might be some energy there where you think money is bad or wrong. 
  • Ask yourself, who are you choosing to be in relationship to how you spend your time and your money? 
  • If you’re valuing yourself, you’ll be spending your time and money in a way that pleases you, in things that you value. 
  • If you’re in a situation where you’re doing something that you don’t really love, ask yourself, what’s the environment you’d love to be in? Then make another choice. 
  • Look at your subconscious beliefs. Get comfortable with being a powerful person and what you’re making money and power mean. 
  • Be 1000% responsible for yourself, for where you choose to spend your money and who you choose to spend time with. 
  • If you want to step into being a multi-millionaire, ask your spirit what’s the next step? But be willing to listen and take that next step to actually do it. 


Topics Covered: 

00:22 – Traveling while making money: Creating wealth wherever you are, and trusting your ability to be supported by the universe, allowing that support to come 

01:24 – Activating Your Creator Ability Now: How believing that time is money can distort one’s own belief system, pushing money out into the future as opposed to stepping into abundance now 

06:53 – If You’re on the Outside: Rebecca discusses how you can make this work, focusing on how you can embody the correct thought processes in your life 

11:12 – Making Choices and Looking at Your Subconscious Beliefs: “If you’re valuing yourself, you’ll be spending your time and money in a way that pleases you.” 

20:01 – Everybody Gets to Choose: “The universal law applies to everybody… If you apply  universal law, you can create what you want, and it doesn’t have to take a long time.” 

24:15 – In this episode: Rebecca enumerates key concepts she wants you to take away from today 


Key Takeaways: 

“Don’t assign time to your money. Allow money to show up now.” – Rebecca Davison 

Check yourself and make sure you’re not outsourcing money to the future. It’s okay to receive it now. It’s okay to be abundant now. It’s okay to say yes to your creator ability now and have money be a side effect of you really tapping into your creative ability.” Rebecca Davison 

“If you are valuing yourself, you’ll be spending your time and money and money in a way that pleases you.” – Rebecca Davison 

“The universal law applies to everybody… If you apply the universal law, you can create what you want, and it doesn’t have to take a long time.” – Rebecca Davison 

Time is not money. Time is time and money is money, and yes, they have a close relationship, but they’re not the same.” Rebecca Davison 

“Be aware of how you are spending your time because it impacts your money. If you are choosing to do things that you don’t love, you’d want to tidy that up if you want to be truly wealthy. A truly wealthy person allows themselves to do what it is that they want to do, knowing that they can create the money that they want to create.” – Rebecca Davison 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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