EP 43 Money Beyond Ego







All of us want to live in abundance, but once we get in that space of “Money determines my value”, that’s when things get difficult for us. 

The ego loves to label and place conditions on things. We tend to judge ourselves and determine whether something is right or wrong depending on how good the outcome is. 

There’s no ego in money. There is only our ego that can separate from receiving more money by making it right or wrong. There’s only ego in money if we place it there.  

We’ve all been given the gift of free will. The Universe responds to who you are choosing to be. 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people activate their power to create their desires and become magnetic to money.  

In this episode, Rebecca discusses why the ego places our value in how much money we make and what it takes to release yourself from that kind of conditional energy.  

It’s not about what we’re doing; it’s who we’re choosing to be. 

What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Know that the universe does not have an opinion on you and the choices that you are making with money. You are given the free will to choose who you want to be; 
  • Discover how our thoughts and feelings can either repel or attract what it is that we desire, hence the importance of choosing to do things that bring us joy; and 
  • Understand that making it normal for you to create and receive more is completely okay 


You create those things inside of yourself by what you’re telling yourself, by what you’re choosing. And again, we get to speed our manifestations up by being that person now.” 

– Rebecca Davison 


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Notes for Money Beyond Ego: 


  • Remind yourself that security comes not from money but from a Source Energy, and you are Source Energy in a body. 
  • You’re a sum of your choices. You have the free will to choose to be the initiator of more abundance. 
  • Ask yourself — “what’s motivating me?” If you’re being motivated by needing to prove something to someone else, you’re probably veering towards ego more. 
  • Your feelings and thought process can either attract or repel what you desire. Learn how to be with, process, accept, love, and validate your own emotions. Ask yourself – “what do I actually believe about money? Is it actually even true, or am I telling myself a story?” 
  • Money beyond ego is the best. Love yourself enough to choose what really brings you joy. Make it normal for you to receive more.   
  • Do not judge other people’s experiences. When you judge something, you can’t receive it. 
  •  Know that you’re valuable, even when something happens or not. 


Topics Covered: 

00:26 – Rebecca talks about the nature of one’s ego as she relates it to our perception of security and money, reminding us of the power that we have as creators 

06:13 – Your creator ability: “If you’re wanting to be abundant and to feel good, you will be choosing to align yourself with being the person who knows themselves as wealthy.” 

12:02 – “Doing something is different from being the person”: Rebecca explains how our feelings and thought processes can either repel or attract what it is that we desire 

15:14 – “Money beyond ego is the best”: Rebecca tells us why it’s a must that we learn to love ourselves enough to go and choose what brings us joy. She also reminds us not to judge others’ experiences 

18:17 – “Choose expansion”: Rebecca shares how she’s made it normal to receive what she desires, without coming from the ego 


Key Takeaways: 

When we are looking to understand the nature of the universe, we have to understand that our security comes from Source Energy. It’s never going to come from paper or even our idea of what financial security is.” – Rebecca Davison 

“It’s not really about money; it’s about [your] creator ability. The money is a byproduct of you, choosing to create.” – Rebecca Davison 

If we are aligned with the truth of who we are, we are going to create effortlessly, because we’re not going to be making ourselves wrong. We’re not going to be putting a label on it. We’re not going to be judging ourselves. We’re not going to be making it right or wrong. And when there is no right or wrong, there are no conditions. It’s easy for what we desire to flow to us and to get to be in a place where you’re just living that, breathing that, experiencing that, playing with that — making it easy to move it to a game of more and more expansion.” Rebecca Davison 

“It’s a choice. There is no ego in money. There is only ego in money if we put it there.”Rebecca Davison 


Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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