EP 26 Using Your Intuition to Create Abundance





We often have an understanding of what we truly desire, but our subconscious mind can work against us and we can end up feeling frustrated and think that our intuition isn’t working in relation to our abundance. 

A lot of times, people say, “I’ll let the Universe tell me. I’ll wait till the Universe brings me a sign.” This is not how it works! More often than not, we are disempowered in terms of creating our desires. 

When we have the willingness, the desire, and the commitment to listen to the Universe, we CAN create what it is that we want.  

The Universe is talking to us all the time. Even in silence, the Universe is telling us something about our desires. We just have to listen, trust ourselves and the Universe itself. 

We are the initiators. We have to take the first step and then the Universe responds. 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps people activate their intuition so that they can move beyond fear into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She is passionate about people learning how to listen to their inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love. 

In this episode, Rebecca unravels what it is to access our intuition in terms of creating our abundance.  


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Understand how important it is for you to learn how to listen and trust your intuitive guidance; 
  • Know the difference between how your ego works and how your soul just is; and 
  • Find out tips on how you can use your intuition towards creating your life’s abundance. 


“The collective does not determine what happens in your reality. Take your power back. You determine what happens in your reality. No matter what is happening in the world, there is always someone who is transcending the odds. Let that person be you.” 

– Rebecca Davison


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Rebecca Davison’s Experience-based Tips in terms of Launching 

  • To have a great relationship with yourself and eventually hear your intuition, practice self-inquiry. One of the best starter questions is “How am I actually feeling right now?” 
  • Learn to understand how the Universe communicates with us. 
  • Know the difference between your ego and your intuitive guidance and your soul.  
  • Do not let money and time become limiting factors as you make decisions. 
  • Take the first action step. Initiate. Then allow the Universe to support you. 
  • Be good at being objective. 
  • Go back to look at your relationship with money. How do you feel about money? Do you even like it? 
  • Notice how you feel about being asked questions. 
  • Look at meditation as the art of listening to the Divine. Find something that you can listen to like a background noise and just listen to it to work your ability to meditate. 
  • Keep the faith. Believe that the Universe is lined up to give up what you desire. 


Topics Covered: 

01:33 – Hearing our intuition starts when we’re at a place where we’re prepared to have an amazing relationship with ourselves. Do the self-inquiry to understand yourself. 


06:39 – Thinking in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration in order to understand the secrets of the Universe and how it communicates to us, and knowing the difference between our ego and our intuitive guidance. 


13:52 – Don’t ever let time or money be the reasons that you don’t do something. You make the decision. You’re the one who has to move. Initiate that relationship and take the first step. 


18:53 – Having intuitive hunches; allowing the Universe to support you by surrendering and not controlling the process and your outcomes. 


22:37 – Rebecca talks about the certain things that can block you in regards to your own intuition – specifically focusing on money – alongside the importance of becoming good at being objective. 


30:49 – See meditation as the art of listening to the Divine. Be willing to listen. Choose what it is that you want to create and hold the vision. Keep the faith. 


40:10 – Intuitive guidance is the still small voice of calm within us; diving into a deeper sense of intuition and abundance in relation to the Universe and yourself 


Key Takeaways: 

“The gift and the invitation is to come back to self – to be still, to be silent, to be present, to get to know that still small voice of calm within you. That actually does have all the answers to every problem that you could ever conceive.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Time will pass anyway. Choose to do what it is that you love.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Everybody has access to their intuitive abundance, but not everybody does the work to cultivate a relationship with themselves that is effective.” – Rebecca Davison 




Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you! 

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