16: Melting Resistance




If you have zero resistance, you will manifest what you want! 

Now that you know the secret, we’ll explore how we go about melting your resistance so you can manifest what you want faster than ever before. 

Resistance can be conscious and also unconscious which is where we need to explore our inner-self and discover what is there that we might not be aware of. This way, we can be sure to release our subconscious resistance so we can move into receiving our desires. 

Also, we might realize that we are consciously resisting certain things that we wish to manifest but how do we go about releasing that too, so we can come into alignment and open up? Tune into this week’s podcast and let’s explore this topic together so we can share information that supports you in your journey. 

Rebecca Davison is an intuition coach and is the founder of The Intuitive Life Academy. She helps women activate their intuition so that they can move out of fear and scarcity and move into freedom, pleasure, and abundance. She is passionate about people activating their intuition and inner guidance to be able to create a life that they really love. 

In this episode, Rebecca talks about the concept of resistance and shares ways on how you can melt it away in your life. Here, she mentions how beautiful it is once you get good at feeling good, and discusses why your mind and emotions are essential to  calibrate to bliss – the secret towards a successful journey of living life without resistance. 


What you will learn from this episode: 

  • Understand what the word resistance means and know how it hinders you from living in abundance; 
  • Discover how powerful your mind and emotions are when you put them to work together as you use them in melting resistance; and 
  • Find out how you can melt resistance through tips given by Rebecca herself. 


No matter what anybody else is doing, no matter what anybody else is saying, no matter what anybody else thinks, no matter what other people say, just do it because it feels good.”

Rebecca Davison


Valuable Free Resource: 

Rebecca Davison’s Steps on How You Can Have the Courage to Follow Your Bliss 

  • Do a bit of an inquiry by first learning how to access your unconscious – the beliefs, energies, and behaviors that you have within you. What is it that you are afraid of? How do you feel about that? 
  • Be mindful of choosing where you focus your attention. Ask yourself, “What is something that I could actually think right now that’s going to help me move towards what it is that I want?” 
  • Write a list of what you’re happy and grateful for, and ask yourself, “Do I like what I’m manifesting? Am I manifesting something that I don’t like? What is it going to take to close that gap? What needs to be attended to?” 
  • Focus on doing what it is that you love. Focus on what makes you feel good. 
  • Do not run away from what you fear. Be present to it, learn how to love whatever it is that you feel, and the fear will melt away. 
  • Get good at feeling good. Acknowledge the way you feel. Be consistent in calibrating to joy. 


Topics Covered: 

05:24 – Let’s talk about Resistance!: Rebecca discusses what the word resistance means, how our body communicates with us in relation to this, and how resistance actually hinders us from receiving our desires in life. 

09:50 – Your Fears and Your Value: What is the first thing to look at in order to move towards a resistance-free life despite the fears you have deep inside? 

16:29 – Reaching for the Positive True Thought: Rebecca talks about situations where people get stuck with things they don’t really like doing, and shares ways for you to try as you start melting away the resistance you have in life. 

23:43 – Feeling Your Feelings: Using your emotional energy field to the best of your abilities and learning how to love whatever it is that you feel in order to access and free a deeper part of yourself. 

34:25 – Releasing Resistance Everywhere: The importance of learning how to calibrate to joy in a consistent manner, and the magic of having a sense of accountability for the way we perceive life in our lenses. 

38:45 – Rebecca’s Tip: What can you do even though you’re busy with the active thought process of consciousness running in your head, at the same time? 

Key Takeaways: 

“Focus on what you love. Focus on what makes you feel good. A huge part of manifesting is learning how to feel good most of the time.” – Rebecca Davison 

“Fear is actually what you want to run towards, not away from.” – Rebecca Davison 

“It’s all about accountability. If you are making other people responsible for your emotions, they might think that you’re crazy. But if you are willing to own those emotions for yourself, honor yourself and let them shift and move, then people are going to actually acknowledge and honor your emotions too.” – Rebecca Davison 



Your intuition is the KEY to having and creating a magnificent life. All the answers to what serves YOU best are inside of you so join us to activate this amazing gift you have ready and waiting for you!

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