You finally snap when you get asked to do “just one more thing” for your boss at work when you’re trying to walk out the door for the day.

You want to be running your own business with a steady stream of clients and experiencing the fulfillment that comes from being your own boss.

Intuitpreneur is a six-month group coaching program that gets your business launched.

after the program...

You can take your time drinking your coffee in the morning as you glance over your calendar and view your client appointments for the day.

You're relaxed as you know where to place your attention to bring in new clients and you're smiling at how simple it is.

You know your clients like your best friends so you can speak to them effortlessly.

You're lit up from within because you're trusting yourself to make great decisions in your business.

"My biggest takeaway is really owing my self-worth and what my packages are worth and being able to move from charging around $500 to actually selling a $2000 package, which blows me away."

"I have to say I’m in absolute awe of your skill. Rebecca, you are an absolute ROCKSTAR!"


When clients work with me, they learn how to sell high end packages starting at $2500. For most of my clients just two of these packages can replace their monthly income and give them the freedom to step away from their job. The return on investment is exponential. Extrapolated out over a year at two sales per month this creates $60,000 in revenue.

$6000 NZD

$4444 NZD $2850 USD (approx)


Once you click buy now, you'll be taken to Paypal to process your payment.

You pay and then you'll be taken back to a Thank You page where you'll click a link to join the private Facebook group.

In the Facebook group you'll find your welcome video with information on how to access the calls.

YOU'll receive...

  • 27 hours of group coaching sessions
  • 2 x guided meditations
  • Six months access to the private Facebook group
  • A separate membership site to hold all your information
  • 3 Group laser coaching sessions
  • 4 x Get Sh#t Done Days
  • Visibility Challenge included
  • CLICK HERE to see ALL the details

this is for you if...

  • If you're starting out and you want to gain enough traction to feel confident about leaving your full-time job.
  • You have a lap top
  • You're prepared to commit to 3 hours a week
  • You work with clients one on one or in groups in a service-based industry

this isn't for you if...

  • If you're already making over $100k
  • You have a steady stream of clients
  • You're already trusting and following your intuition in your business
  • You have a business strategy and you’re following it



  • I help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and increase their sales.
  • I've been coaching full time for 7 years.
  • Worked with over 5000 clients.
  • Previously worked in a bank for 13 years.
"I'm smashing business goals right now and about to finish out a goal I have been striving for since the middle of last year which is beyond exciting, I'm going to find it hard to sleep tonight! :laughing: Thank you so much Rebecca for this incredible course!"

"Rebecca really inspired me to step into my
infinite self and be paid to do what I love.
I was able to manifest, using the techniques
she shares, the sale of my house through a
knock on the door."


$6000 NZD

$4444 NZD $2850 USD (approx)