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Join us in this 12 week program, a deep dive in to getting want you truly want.
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Will you give yourself permission to be limitless in your power to create a life you love?

Are you searching for “something more?”

Are you aching to be free?
Are you tired of feeling stuck?

When I speak with conscious and creative people like you, people who have devoted their lives to increasing their skills and reaching out to help others, I hear the same things over and over.

  • They don’t believe in themselves.
  • They find they are their own worst enemy, constantly getting in their own way.
  • They are fearful and anxious about what might lie ahead.

And yet, despite the hesitation, the fear, and the experiences of loss and heartbreak, I know these people have the power to rise above. To become leaders. To be change agents in their world.

I want that for you, too.

My name is Rebecca Davison.

I have my own story of not allowing myself to have my all desires, for many years.

Once upon a time I worked in a job that wasn’t the right fit. I took the job because I wanted security and to feel safe which I got in the form of a paycheck.

From outward appearances I had it all. A smart Italian car, my own home, a great job and good friends.

But…..I felt like a failure.

I knew on the inside that things weren’t as great as they seemed on the outside. There was a big disconnect between what people saw, and the reality behind closed doors.

To make matters worse, the people around me had no idea. I was drowning, lost and directionless. I had no purpose, no where to aim my compass and no meaning in my life.

Mentally, I had to reconcile the fact that appearances can be deceiving. Just because things look great on the outside, doesn’t mean there isn’t some poor soul on the inside, feeling stuck and inadequate.

One challenge led to another. . .

At this time I was drinking too much, wanting to check out and not feel my feelings. Life was too painful. It was a carefully constructed act of wanting other people to believe that I was “fine” and everything was ok.

Things went from bad to worse.

I was making uninspired choices and not listening to my intuition. I ended up divorced, struggling with my inability to foster healthy relationships and feeling depressed and miserable. Miscommunication, impatience, and frustration were my constant companions during these years.

I hear you beginning to wonder if this would all change? Well, it did!

The “ah-ha moment” that changed everything

My ah-ha moment came in 2006. I was speaking to my Mum on the phone. I was crying, hard. You know when you’re crying so hard you can hardly catch your breath because you are really sobbing? That was me.

I remember feeling so stuck and frustrated, and I literally wailed to Mum “I want to have a BIG life!”

It was if at that moment the Universe heard me and the wheels of motion swung into place.

Something had shifted within me, there was no going back. Speaking it out loud had made it true – I was going to do what it took to live a BIG life.

I realized that I was tired of living a meaningless life. I was tired of not believing in myself, nor in my self worth. I was tired of being afraid to stand in my best self.

The problem was, I didn’t know who that best self was!

It was time for me to stop spinning my wheels, and figure out how I could move away from the stuck place I was in, and grow into a new person, with a new mission.

One of my earth angels, a good friend, sent me a link to a website that was talking to the virtues of gratitude, and I embarked on a personal development journey that ultimately took me overseas to the US to learn about Intuitive Life Coaching.

I have always been interested in personal development. I read “The Road Less Travelled” when I was 15. However, at this time in my life it was all magnified so much. I was finally learning to be in harmony with myself, instead of in conflict. I learned forgiveness for the past, and I grew into a better “me” every day.

I learned how to break through my abundance blocks and experience so many wonderful blessings in my life, that I am excited to share with you:


When you move out of resistance and into flow your life moves forward in quantum leaps. You’ll start to see the connectivity of all things and the Divine pattern for your life and how to flow with it so you can trust yourself more.

you are not alone

You’re always being guided. All you need to do is learn how to tune in, listen to this guidance and take action on it.

experiencing miracles

Everyday you can see the miracles of the Universe if you tune into the right frequency. You will experience more support, joy and wonder to move into the big purpose of your life and do it in a profitable way.

spiritual knowing

It’s one thing to have someone tell you about your intuition, it’s another to experience it. Once you experience this connection you will never feel lost again.


You can live in an energy of appreciation, and enjoy a lighter, higher frequency of joy and light which pulls in amazing opportunities.

What this means for you!What this means for you! What this means for YOU! What this means for you!

  • If you are reading this, you are likely a reiki practitioner, a health coach, a naturopath, or an energy healer.

    If you are reading this, maybe you are a reiki practitioner, a health coach, a naturopath, or an energy healer. Or maybe you know that there is MORE out there waiting for you.

  • You know you have skills and talents that can be a blessing to many people.

  • You are ready to go deep! You believe you are being guided down a path, and if you follow your intuition and tune in to the guidance, you WILL be successful.

  • But you may be struggling with something from your past, or in your deep-seated belief systems, that is holding you back.

  • You are afraid to step out from behind the curtain! You can be a speaker, a writer, a creator… but when everyone is looking at you, you may be filled with self-doubt…

It’s time to fulfil your mission!

I know that living in truth is not easy. It’s the road less traveled. And sometimes you aren’t comfortable with your truth because it can be painful to hear.

But for you to fulfill your mission, to step into your big vision of who you are and what you were put here to do, you need to release your fear, and your expectations about how things are “supposed” to be, and take the steps to create a new future for yourself.

How will you do this? How will you step into the bigger version of yourself?

Here’s the good news: You don’t have to do it alone!

I had the right mentors at the right time for me to discover the power of my inner gifts. I am excited to be YOUR mentor on this journey from fearful to fearless!

Lee Templeton
It’s very easy to trust Rebecca and surrender to her shepherding you in the right direction. I felt so cared for and held during the sessions and throughout the entire 10 weeks that I worked with Rebecca one on one. Her intuition was always bang on! She was exactly what I needed her to be in every moment at every turn.Lee Templeton, Intuitive Energy Healer.


I’ve worked with hundreds of conscious souls like you and what I know to be true is that people have the biggest blocks on parts of their lives that have the biggest charge. These areas are sex, money, spirituality and our purpose in life. Most people are not aware enough to be able to see their own subconscious blocks which is where I can assist you to become free.

If you are like my other clients, you often don’t trust your own mind. You struggle to judge the light and the dark neutrally. And you want to believe your own intuition, but it may tell you things you don’t want to hear, like stop playing small and get to work on your purpose! But how do you do that?

I can help you resolve all those issues. I’ve guided hundreds of clients through the process to become more empowered. The irony here? You have everything you need within you! I merely help you to access your unshakeable belief in yourself to turn your big dreams into reality.

The Becoming Limitless is a 12 week program, focusing on balance between the inner and outer game. It’s about getting the balance right between structure and flow, between the masculine and feminine energy principles. You’ll leave the program have a super sonic awareness which you can apply to make amazing decisions about what is right for you. Your quality of life will increase exponentially. You’ll feel safe in your own skin, happy and confident in your ability to create a life you love and experience more money and enjoyment as a result.

Are you driving with one foot on the brake and another on the gas? Literally spinning your wheels? I’ll help you to release the brake in a way that feels soft and steady, to move into certainty and trust and to have a lot of fun in the process!

What’s your big, juicy dream? It’s time to take action towards it today!

  • Letting your spirit go FIRST

    What does it take to trust your infinite self and live your life from your spirit? This is a BOLD ask but once you step into this space your life becomes MAGICAL! We’ll clear your blocks around playing small and pop you into a space where you can soar!

  • Money Love

    It’s a fundamental relationship in your life and if you don’t have your money junk dialled in and cleared up it literally stops abundance flowing into your world. We’ll clear your money wounds, increase your self value and translate this to cash in the bank. It’s time to fall in love with money and clear any scarcity and fear about what is possible for you and living a life of freedom.

  • Perfect Love for You

    Are you disillusioned when it comes to love? Have you suffering one heartbreak too many? We’ll be doing a deep dive on relationships during this 12 week program. We’ll help you to identify where you are holding yourself back from receiving the love you want and help you to release any fear around finding it, keeping it and loving it!

  • Mindset

    How to get your mind to become solution orientated so you can get out of your own way, consistently. Mastering your thoughts is key to living a life you love. We’ll take you through a step by step process to make mindset easier.

  • Be the leader of your life

    Learn how to overcome ANY obstacle that stands in your way, trust yourself deeply and claim your power to be a true leader in your life. Learn what it takes to be the person who walks in the room and commands it.

Rebecca has helped me to find a part of myself that was lost and struggling to be heard. Her guidance has helped me to take great leaps of faith and trust myself more when making life changing decisions. She is always there to talk to, to bounce ideas off and offers gentle guidance as well as some hefty pushes when your ego gets in the way.

I love how she has challenged me to figure out what I really want out of life and how I can get there at a pace that works for me. She has called me out when fear has gotten in the way and she has been a great support and cheerleader. I am very thankful I listened to my intuition and decided to work with her.

Lauralea Matterson, Nautropath-in-training and Energy Healer

How this program is different from all the other programs you’ve tried

Most other programs teach you the rational way to grow and develop yourself.

They teach you a lot of tactics. If you are lucky, they also teach you overarching strategic principles, that go beyond tactics.

But they don’t help you get beyond the mental and emotional blocks that are literally keeping you stuck.

You can have all the world’s best strategies, and the latest tactics, and you will NOT get what you truly want if you don’t get out of your own way.

The core of what I do is to help you energetically remove the BELIEF SYSTEMS that keep you stuck! And because we do this energetically it works faster than your rational mind can learn!

Imagine being able to to talk to someone you’ve just met, and know within seconds what is up with them, on a deep soul level and then actually be able to DO something about it.

Imagine turning all the negativity in the people around you into light that helps others become more self-aware and conscious.

Imagine helping your clients finally take responsibility for themselves so they can shift and change, and be happier!

And imagine the line of people waiting to get into your services or to be connected with you because they know YOU are the one who can help them solve their problems.

All of this will be possible for you if you attend Becoming Limitless.

What’s in the program:


Connecting with your infinite self
You’ll be connected to the highest frequencies available to you to create massive positive change and to start shaping your ideal life. You’ll learn how for EVERY problem there is a spiritual solution and how to go beyond the mind to create miracles in your life.


Your confidence account…is it full?
You’ll establish what needs to be in place for you to feel confident in your relationship to The Universe, to fall deeply into Divine Essence so you can be the light of inspiration in the room at all times.


Money blocks
If you’re not an excellent receiver right now it’s ok because you will be after this! You’ll understand what is holding you back from receiving infinite abundance and we will clear any limiting beliefs so you can feel safe, right and good about being paid for who you are and receiving MORE in all aspects of your life.


It’s Who You Are:
What stops you from knowing yourself as love? We’re not talking about a thought process here. This is about knowing and experiencing yourself as a walking, talking expression of bliss! We’ll remove any separation between you and loving yourself as the amazing soul that you are.


Winning Energy:
Creating a circle of influence filled with successful people and why it’s so important to implement this. How do you raise your vibration so you can experience instant manifestation, harmony in your relationships and fun in your life? You’ll learn this in the program.


Do you trust that the Universe has your back?.
Do you trust the Universe to provide for you? Do you trust other people to be there for you? Are you an over giver and an under receiver? When we tune into and understand trust we can RELAX more than ever before and life becomes an act of creation rather than being motivated by fear.


Making Time work for you
You’ll explore how to make time work for you, not against you and how to create a new paradigm so you can be stress free and bring more pleasure to your work. You’ll understand WHY you procrastinate after this session and how you can release it!


Are you able to say no easily?
This is a big topic for a lot of people! If you are constantly saying “yes” to things you really want to say “no” to then you’ll be depleting your energy. We fear that by saying no that we will be unkind and end up being unkind to ourselves in the process. You’ll learn exactly what you can say to turn people down nicely, how to determine what you need to say no to and how to be in energetically harmony with your decisions.

sexual energyVision

Sexual Energy is Powerful
Discover how to use your sexual energy to manifest amazing results in your life! Sexual energy is Source Energy! Sexuality can be a way of life and a way of communing with the Divine. This has a big charge so we’ll be clearing the energies here with lots of love and respect, looking to ease you into a sexuality that is really your own, that you feel safe with and that you really love.


Be in Quick!:
For the first Five People who sign up for this 12 week adventure you’ll receive a FREE one hour clearing session with me worth $345.00 NZD. Act fast to receive this offer!

Since working with Rebecca I feel brighter, stronger and more grounded than I have for years – and it feels REALLY GOOD. I have greater clarity about past events and more confidence about the future, especially in my ability to take care of myself and to deal with life’s hurdles and heartbreaks. Rebecca has helped me come back to “the flow”, and I know the benefits of this are flowing on to the people around me. I am back to being the person I want to be (i.e. happy), having been “lost” within a conflict and drama that was so destructive and unnecessary. As a coach, I find Rebecca to be a very creative, supportive, and compassionate person. She is clearly committed to being the best she can be and she brings this to her work. I would highly recommend her services to anyone else who is looking to be their best, and to unlock their full potential in this life.Miranda, Christchurch (last name withheld for privacy)

What this means for you!What this means for you! This powerful program will look like this: What this means for you!

  • 12 x Weekly Webinars

    90 minutes each in length

  • Play Work

    You’ll given easy tasks and assignments to get you into playful frequencies while getting you results.

  • Private Facebook Group

    You’ll have a safe space to be supported, to share your thoughts and desires, to be seen and heard and to get the support you need to create momentum.

  • Reflection Process

    We’ll be reflecting on your journey and all your successes so you can ground this new energy in and open up to an even bigger future. You’ll be able to clearly identify how your energy has shifted and see the results you have achieved from taking this program. This is reflected in opportunities, trusting yourself more, synchronicity and more flow in your life.

Start Date

Tuesday 29th August at 8pm NZST

Location: Via Webinar

Join us online from anywhere in the world.


All calls are recorded for your future reference and so you can continue the clearing process.

More logistics will be provided once you enrol in the program.

Enrolments are open NOW!
There is no time to waste for you to Become Limitess now!

Our 100%, no-questions-asked, “totally satisfied” guarantee

And because I am so confident this Academy will help you get YOUR “ah-ha moment”, if you attend for the first 30 days and you decide it’s not right for you, just simply ask for your money back, and it will be returned, no questions asked.

It can’t get any more simple than that. If the Academy doesn’t do what you think it will do, you lose nothing.

And if it does what I KNOW it will do for you, you will be in a much better place 3 months from now than you are today!

So the choice is easy. Either continue doing what you’ve been doing and see where you are in three months.

Or join the Academy, dig deep into the issues that are blocking your success, mastermind with the other participants, and turn the corner – FINALLY – on creating the energy and life you’ve been dreaming about, and deserve!

I can’t wait to see you there so click the button below to join us!

Rebecca is empowering me to step into my power to live my dream life. From her coaching and support in just a few sessions I have already expanded my vision and made amazing progress, clearing habits of being responsible for everyone around me, making it possible for me to focus on myself without feeling guilty and being powerful while being feminine have been the biggest changes for me so far and i’m sure there are many more to come! I feel absolute confidence that with her coaching I can achieve anything and that’s priceless to me.Charlotte Howard, Rapid Transformation Therapist,